About Us

31WAYS is self-improvement program based on the completion of small but meaningful daily activities know as challenges. The basis of this program comes from the behavior economic theory of “nudges” which are small behavior changes that result in substantial improvements.

The originator of the 31WAYS program saw the benefits of daily exercise for the physical body and wanted to replicate it for the emotional component of life. He built a daily exercise program to challenge and strengthen the character of the participant. The daily challenges rotate around 31 unique life skills known as virtues.

The 31 virtues include:

Each day, a new challenge is provided with a unique focus around three areas; yourself, your internal circle of family and friends, and the greater community. This variety of focus allows participant a fresh perspective every single day.

Every challenge follow three essential requirements:

1.      They can be performed by anyone regardless of location, position, profession, social economic, political, financial or any other limitations.

2.      All challenges must can be completed in one day and preferable in five minutes or less. This challenges value short time commitments and not something that would stretch for weeks, months or years.

3.      All challenges must be free from any financial obligation or costs. Financial limitation is the number one reason why people state that they are unable to develop themselves. This program had to eliminate that issue from the beginning.

31WAYS has widespread applications including family, work, volunteer or educational settings. It is built to integrate with faith-based programs or act independently. The program is flexible enough to work in a defied time frame or run year round.

Upon signing up for alerts via email or Facebook, program participants will receive a set of the 31WAYS virtues including a starter set of 93 daily challenges, a personalized email daily challenge and access to a private Facebook group where they can share their own success stories and hear from others.